I trust that health and wholeness is at the core of every person and believe that in an atmosphere of curiosity, creativity, exploration and acceptance we can move closer to this. I work relationally which means creating a space where we can truly meet each other’s openness and closedness in an environment that supports your capacity for growth. I am interested in what you bring and have a willingness to sit with the struggles and wounds that you have experienced to help you improve your quality of life.
I believe counselling is like going on an adventure together. We may explore some unexpected places and discover aspects of you that have felt inaccessible or unobtainable.  The intention is that having the courage to go on this adventure will help you grow into your life and truly be yourself, moving with what has been blocking you being whole. Counselling can support you to let life flow freely through your body, emotion, mind and spirit.  Thus experiencing being in connection with yourself and others so you can be open and alive to all that life brings.